Go Biel / Bienne

Go Biel / Bienne

GF Machining Solutions AG opens the new Headquarter in Biel

Leanlogic AG is pleased about the milestone of the factory opening of the Division GF Machining Solutions in Biel on 13.09.2019.

Hanspeter Lüdi has supported the project team since November 2018 and has realised the following main tasks in this activity:

  • Representation of the builder-owner opposite the contractor
  • Acceptance of the building including the technical equipment
  • Incident Management
  • Interface for operation during the relocation phase
  • Project Management of various tenant extensions after the factory takeover

Zero Error Mind-Set at GF Machining Solutions

Andreas BandiGF Machining Solutions works according to the Zero-Error Mind-Set which corresponds to the Comprehensive Production System. The sense and purpose of this system is to avoid the passing-on of the errors that have been created to the following work steps. Thus, the product and process quality is inevitably improved.
Andreas Bandi (Industrial Manager at GF Machining Solutions at the Nidau factory) describes how the LLQA software solution will support GF Machining Solutions to reduce the error rate and increase speed.
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