Georg Fischer Machining Solutions

Replacement of the Mounting Folder through Paperless Processes

We have very comprehensively evaluated the existing offerings and solutions on the market and clarified which product best covers our requirements. Naturally, cost-benefit considerations were likewise of critical importance. The most important decision-making criteria were the user-friendliness as well as the clear process and quality focus of the product. In our worldwide organisation, the application already enjoys widespread acceptance and is firmly anchored in the strategy for 2020. Moreover, we value the extraordinarily good support provided by the LEANLOGIC employees and the great flexibility offered during the fulfilment of additional customer requirements. The LLQA application profoundly improves our efficiency as well as the quality and also keeps us state-of-the-art with regards to new factory construction. The application is a genuine lean product!
Andreas Bandi, Industrialisation Manager, GF Machining Solutions

Osterwalder AG

Digitalising Mounting Instructions and Checklists

Osterwalder AG is known for its top-class, precise and highly-innovative powder presses. In order to more efficiently design our processes with regards to assuring and increasing quality, we have opted for the user-friendly LLQA LeanLogic solution. The result is a significant improvement of our efficiency during the updating of instructional manuals and guidelines as well as the collection of production data. We have also attained a uniquely high level in traceability. The database now provides us with important machine-related information at all times and from everywhere. The LeanLogic QA application impresses through its fully-developed and innovative application which supports us as we expand our leading position.
Marcel Roth-Galimanis, COO Osterwalder AG